Day in My Life Photo Blog

My friend Lew told me he was taking a photo a day as part of a photography diary. I thought that this was such a great idea that I decided to copy his idea.

Since I track my goals on, I found others doing the same thing. I think Katalya really says it best:
Most days i have my camera with me, i just forget to use it and it only comes out to play when I’m around family and friends. But what about those things you see or do that actually make up who you are and what you do everyday. It might be something really mundane like registering your car or going to the bank. Maybe its something that i see on the way to doing these things. Just little snippets of the way i see the world. I am a bit of clickaholic so once i start clicking i just can’t stop. I’ll start today and see what happens. Even if i tried it just for the next 10 years, i would have 3650 photos that give a pretty clear picture of a decade of me.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

19 February 2008

Let me just say that it is harder than you think...trying to find something to take a picture of every day.

10 February 2008

Two-fer today. Not that either of them is very good. Still trying to figure out the camera on my new cellphone.

Driving from Nelsonville, OH back to Dayton.

The Neighbor's cat Cheeky sitting on my lap.

9 February 2008

Thank goodness I felt well enough to get my mani/pedi Saturday. This is MY nail tech Chris giving me a pedicure.

6 February 2008

Came back from Nashville VERY sick. However, my NEW cellphone had (I really can't believe that I did this)...I took a picture of myself sick in bed. Only later did I realize that there was a plastic film covering the lens.

5 February 2008

I met my bookcrossing friends Rhonda (SandDanz) and Laura (ctgmom) for dinner. My phone camera wouldn't take a picture so I used Rhonda's phone camera. Not a very good picture.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

3 February 2008

Mom, Get her off me! Why does she keep sleeping on me?

2 February 2008

The Aftermath of Dinner

1 February 2008

It's the first day of my photo @ 11:53 and I still haven't taken my first I photographed the first thing I came across. :) I didn't say that I would try to make my subject look good.